w william woods My name is W William Woods and this is my personal website. I am a Financial Services consultant based in Toronto, Canada.

In November 2003 I founded, and am currently the President and CEO of WWWoods & Co. Limited and in March 2004 I co-founded and am currently the President and CEO of Independent Review Inc. I serve as an independent director on the boards of a number of offshore hedge funds, with assets under management ranging from $100 million to over $10 billion, and I serve on a number of Independent Review Committees for public investment funds in Canada.

Through WWWoods & Co., I provide consulting services to stock exchanges, securities regulators, governments and other capital market players. Through Independent Review Inc., I specialize in providing independent fund governance services to mutual funds, hedge funds and other investment funds. I am also a co-owner of the Hedge Fund Hotel, Toronto - the first hedge fund incubator in Canada.

I was a solicitor with Linklaters & Paines in Hong Kong where I specialized in corporate finance work. For three years I acted as Legal Counsel to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. I then co-founded the International Securities Consultancy, a consulting group based in Hong Kong and London that specializes in advising on the development of both emerging and mature securities markets. From August 1995 to December 2001 I was the CEO of the Bermuda Stock Exchange. Since January 2002, I have been an independent director and a specialist financial services/e-commerce consultant. My clients have included advising the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on their listing rules; serving for twelve months as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at an e-commerce venture capital fund in Bermuda; advising a Crown Corporation in Canada on electronic invoicing and bill payments, and advising the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX).

I am a lawyer, admitted to practice in Bermuda, England, Wales and Hong Kong. I was admitted to the roll of solicitors in England and Wales in October 1985, admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong in February 1987 and admitted to the Bar in Bermuda in November 1998. I am an associate member of the Canadian Bar Association.

Born in East Africa, I have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Bermuda and North America.

During my career I have presented at numerous conferences/events and made many public speeches and published two books on B2B Exchanges as well as many articles on capital markets.

You can contact me here.